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Title: Make It Wit Chu Artist: Queens Of The Stone Age 6,625 plays


Queens of the Stone Age - Make It Wit Chu

Title: Hey Hey Girl Artist: The Virgins 739 plays


The Virgins || Hey Hey Girl

Title: Private Affair Artist: The Virgins 511 plays


The Virgins

Private Affair

Title: A Heartbreak Artist: Angus & Julia Stone 1,006 plays


Angus & Julia Stone - ‘A Heartbreak

Title: Ends of the Earth Artist: Lord Huron 18,973 plays


Ends of the Earth Lord Huron

to the ends of the earth 
I will follow you

Title: Don't Find Another Love Artist: Tegan and Sara 447 plays

Take a little and you turn away. Such a wicked little game to play. And I’m just a fool.

Title: Easy To Love Artist: Ivan & Alyosha 625 plays


Ivan & Alyosha // Easy to Love 

When my sky turns black
And we know it will from time to time
We’ve been through that
And we came out on top because

You’re really easy to love
You’re really easy to love

Title: Running for Cover Artist: Ivan & Alyosha 737 plays


Ivan & Alyosha // Running for Cover

Title: Trouble Sleeping Artist: The Perishers 1,375 plays

Trouble Sleeping - The Perishers
I’ve never dared to let my feelings free
Why’s it always you and never me?

Title: Weekends Artist: The Perishers 61 plays


On the weekends, we try to get our share of excitement and of fresh air, trying to forget who we’re going to be when the alarm rings on Monday morning.

Title: Talking Backwards Artist: Real Estate 287 plays


we can talk for hours
when the line is still engaged
we’re not getting any closer
you’re too many miles away

and i might as well be talking backwards
am i making any sense to you
and the only thing that really matters
is the one thing i can’t seem to do

Title: Help Me Scrape the Mucus Off My Brain (Ween Cover) Artist: FIDLAR 957 plays


FIDLAR | Help Me Scrape the Mucus Off My Brain (Ween Cover)

Title: Transformer Artist: The Dodos 1,581 plays


The Dodos— “Transformer”

Title: Sweet Louise Artist: The Belle Brigade 2,329 plays


The Belle Brigade | Sweet Louise

Title: Wait for Me Artist: Motopony 7,105 plays


Wait for Me-Motopony

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