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Kiss me already.

Go fuck yourself…

I’m too tired for this bullshit.

I’m supposed to be going out but I just put my onesie on

Ooops 🙈

Soo this guy picked me up yesterday, he’s apparently my boyfriend, and it took me 30 seconds to register that we basically had matching outfits

I can’t deal


A group of witches asked me to join their coven

I said yes…

Now I’m a fragment of the moon, forever lighting the darkest of nights, comforting the lone wolf who howls for something once lost…

My face is too lame for selfies at the moment, so yah

Yo De-vid, check out my breasts. They might just be more interesting than Grand Designs. Enjoy doing your assignment now 🙊

I joined a gang 🔫 

First the heartbreakers club and now this

I’m out of control


My hair has been doing some crazyass Hermione Granger ridiculousness lately

I’m too tired for cute selfies, bye

I’m sah lame


It’s too late for cute selfless, so here you go

Here’s a selfie people that requested it…

My babies are cutie-pies

Totes a whore anons…

Awkwardness for the win ^-^

Chilling in my room eating chips with one of my babies

Hiding away…

Fuck my fake-ass “friends”

Currently half-way with this drawing for my sisters university assignment
Still a lot to do though 🍃