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It’s too late for cute selfless, so here you go

Here’s a selfie people that requested it…

My babies are cutie-pies

Totes a whore anons…

Awkwardness for the win ^-^

Chilling in my room eating chips with one of my babies

Hiding away…

Fuck my fake-ass “friends”

Currently half-way with this drawing for my sisters university assignment
Still a lot to do though 🍃

Another day of doing nothing…

Went out for lunch today to celebrate my mamas birthday with family friends

My selfie-game wasn’t too super today, alas I think this is my new favourite dress 😊

Saturday night’s in with my baby 🙊

Downed almost half a bottle of Vodka

I can never sleep at night, well at least not until ridiculous hours

I took those things that anonymous people sent me to heart

Drowning my sorrows because I am a fool who cannot sleep and I discovered my dogs under my bed eating some pencils that had fallen off my desk… They got up me when I came home, alas they made sure I was okay and are now curled up on my bedroom floor, they are the loveliest dogs anyone could ever have…

This headache won’t go away

I don’t feel too great

I feel rather drained

I’m trying to ignore the significance of the seventeenth of February, trying to keep it from my mind, alas it isn’t working. I feel like I’m drowning…

Super lame photograph of me that was snapped for a street style magazine/blog/thingy

It’s from a month or so ago

I was hungover when this was taken, maybe even still a little bit drunk ha. 

"Have you been drinking?"

Is that a trick question or …


Mew Mew

In love with my new throw jacket thingy 😻

I had a super long day

I’ve been trying to keep busy the past couple of days and I’m exhausted

First I look like a doll, next I’m being told I look like I belong in the 1940s-50s and have “simple elegance” or look like an “old soul” etc…

Modesty is key. The lighting in this photograph isn’t too super, alas I keep getting asked to post “selfles”, so here you go kittens