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ssleepwriting asked: I hope you're doing okay beautiful! ^-^ xx

Thank you lovely. I hope everything is alright for you

You of all people deserve it kitten x

Anonymous asked: Nudes?

Sorry I’m a lady who has respect for herself and I do not desire to take nudes.

So the answer my friend is, no


Anonymous asked: Where have you been?

All over the place.

Getting lucky

My daily whereabouts is none of your business.

Anonymous asked: Selfie plsssss



Anonymous asked: Can we have a selfie?

Ugh later, maybe


jonmclovin asked: Gosh love your just too beautiful :o

Thanks kitten xx

Anonymous asked: U comin out tonite?

Not when you type like that ^


Anonymous asked: HOW CAN I BE "rolling on about that subject, surprise surprise YOU" WHEN YOU JUST POST 1,500 WORDS ABOUT HIM! HOLLLLLLLYYYYY SHIT

Exhibit D ^

(Ugh humans in this day and age are nuisances. I swear I was born in the wrong century. Please use your brain)


Anonymous asked: You have a cute butt

Aww thanks 🙊


Anonymous asked: You're amazing

No you are 🙊


Anonymous asked: It doesn't matter if you've had other partners since then, you allllllllways seem to reference him, maybe it's just when I'm online but I non stop see you saying you don't care about him bla bla, you just need to ignore it, change your blog or just deal with it all and move on.. I've talked to you personally and you did bring him up a bunch. You need to just stop. Because it's overtaking your life and destroying your well being.

Ha you’re hilarious. I love how you assume any reference to a male on my blog is about him.

Seems someone is a little obsessed and delusional (I mean you, if you didn’t guess correctly)

Ever thought that, oh maybe I like that particular quote or image or post or whatever the fuck it is.

I don’t talk to people on here in person soooo that’s lie number 1234567890 of yours out the window

I’m not changing my blog because,

  1. It’s my blog
  2. I don’t give a shit
  3. You’re all pathetic
  4. Already dealt with it yonks ago
  5. I’m never the one to actually bring it up soooooo

I rarely make personal posts anymore, if you were an actual follower you’d know that.

So no, you are the one who needs to stop, it appears to be taking over your life darling

My well being is perfectly fine, all in tact, ask my friends.


Anonymous asked: You realllllllly need to get over your ex already and quit talking about him. You're becoming a sad romance movie with no happy ending.

I haven’t talked about him till now

What the fuck is wrong with you people.

I’ve had other partners since him, fuck I don’t even give a shit about him anymore, he hadn’t even crossed my mind. I moved on long, long ago.

His current girlfriends relatives initiated the subject of him, so of course I am going to defend myself you little fuck.

There is no such thing as happiness or sadness, they are concepts created by mankind.

Get off my blog, you are toxic and your presence is unnecessary here

Anonymous asked: Leave Libby the fuck alone. That dirtbag isn't apart of her life and neither is that slut

Thanks ^

Name calling isn’t necessary though, leave that to me I guess

d-isgusted asked: no you got it wrong that isnt 'c's sister, cause that would be me.

Cousin, sister, friend same fucking thing.

Fuck off you filthy pests. You’re too young for this blog, wee little babies.


Anonymous asked: Oh cum on bby gurl, pls be mine

Mmm, still no you grotesque little vermin