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Anonymous asked: what is keeping you awake at night lately?

Everything and anything

Even those damn blue eyes and sun-kissed skin. Alongside dark hair and hazel eyes that beg of me to sleep and let them in

Anonymous asked: Do you fight with your boyfriend?


We jokingly fight though, we get along pretty well. I don’t think anything has happened yet that has put us on the verge of being frustrated with one another

Yeah we get annoyed, but it doesn’t result in fighting/arguing and before it even escalates one of us will have pulled a face either cute/funny/unintentional and we’ll just laugh

I can’t get angry at this man, he’s too lovely

Anonymous asked: why do you get called April and Aubrey?

I’m apparently a real life April Ludgate

Ask David and he’ll tell you that a requirement of his was “looking for a real life April Ludgate…” or something along the lines of it, I can’t remember what else he also had, something about wisdom teeth, I fit both of the criteria, it was fate, unintentionally of course, at first I didn’t even understand until he showed me, it clicked and I realised how similar things I did/said were. 

Thus being called April/Aubrey

Anonymous asked: Wat about david appeals to u?


He’s exquisit


Anonymous asked: Is there anything you don't like about your appearance

A lot of things

Mainly my nose and my eczema. Hella self-conscious about these two


jonmclovin asked: Love can I steal you away, make you my queen c:?

I’m afraid you’d have to fight David, he’s not easy to defeat

If only kitten

gravegrohl asked: dude act like you dont love me giving you shit, without me the only inboxes you'd get would be from yourself :*

You aren’t even worth my time

Keep dreaming sweetheart


Anonymous asked: Ever cheated on someone?


Only thing I’ve ever done mildly close is get dirty with Frank twice a week, alas, that’s satisfying for both parties. It’s a coffee scrub that makes skin tantalisingly soft

I’m a decent person, I know better than to cheat on someone. Cheating is vulgar.


Anonymous asked: R u a virgin?



Anonymous asked: why are you calling yourself an idiot?

Because I did something idiotic…


Anonymous asked: Do u think u deserve David?

Does anyone deserve someone, let alone does anyone deserve anything

It is a question that cannot be answered, an ultimate question

I don’t think it’s so much to do with deserving, more so to do with something unknown that pulls people together

In all honesty, no I don’t, because I should know better than to fall in love with someone


Anonymous asked: Okay then, ill remember to not be nice to you or bother to compliment you ever again if that's the attitude that you have. No wonder you get so much hate, you're not a very nice person

Misinterpretation yet again

Oh well, I have no requirement for compliments, I don’t thrive off of them. I appreciate them, alas I’m a shy person so I never know what to say back other than thank you

You clearly don’t know anything about me if you think I’m not a very nice person. I also have zero attitude

I’d apologise, alas there is nothing I’ve said to you that I need to apologise for

I have more important things going on than people who can’t say things off anonymous

jonmclovin asked: Love you look totally different with long hair o: ps sry for stalking your selfies ;-;

Yeah I thought that also, it’s intriguing how appearances can change/shift/be altered so simply. I was also skinnier when my hair was longer so that may have played a role in how my facial structure appeared

That’s alright lovely ha

purityplants asked: Thanks for the follow Libby :) just followed back x

No problem, thank you :)

Anonymous asked: well that was a rude response

It’s a little difficult to depict whether something is heartfelt or insincere over the internet/messaging. Especially when something is sent anonymously

It may have only appeared rude to you, alas it doesn’t bother me