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Anonymous asked: Do u think u deserve David?

Does anyone deserve someone, let alone does anyone deserve anything

It is a question that cannot be answered, an ultimate question

I don’t think it’s so much to do with deserving, more so to do with something unknown that pulls people together

In all honesty, no I don’t, because I should know better than to fall in love with someone


Anonymous asked: Okay then, ill remember to not be nice to you or bother to compliment you ever again if that's the attitude that you have. No wonder you get so much hate, you're not a very nice person

Misinterpretation yet again

Oh well, I have no requirement for compliments, I don’t thrive off of them. I appreciate them, alas I’m a shy person so I never know what to say back other than thank you

You clearly don’t know anything about me if you think I’m not a very nice person. I also have zero attitude

I’d apologise, alas there is nothing I’ve said to you that I need to apologise for

I have more important things going on than people who can’t say things off anonymous

jonmclovin asked: Love you look totally different with long hair o: ps sry for stalking your selfies ;-;

Yeah I thought that also, it’s intriguing how appearances can change/shift/be altered so simply. I was also skinnier when my hair was longer so that may have played a role in how my facial structure appeared

That’s alright lovely ha

purityplants asked: Thanks for the follow Libby :) just followed back x

No problem, thank you :)

Anonymous asked: well that was a rude response

It’s a little difficult to depict whether something is heartfelt or insincere over the internet/messaging. Especially when something is sent anonymously

It may have only appeared rude to you, alas it doesn’t bother me

jonmclovin asked: Love I love your smile c:!

Thanks kitten 😸 

Anonymous asked: so happy for you and your new man!

Umm, thanks I guess….

jonmclovin asked: Awww love you're perfect! Will you be my queen C:?

Perfection doesn’t exist, thank you though

Maybe kitten 😽 

Anonymous asked: You're incredibly hot.

Ahh… Thank you ha 🙈

jonmclovin asked: Selfie o:?!?!?!?

Sure kitten ^-^

Anonymous asked: omg babe u can t0t3z lyk totally read how exciting! probz tha only thing I can do wow!!!

Please go back to school even though it may be too late to save the 0.0001% of intelligence that lingers somewhere within the ignorant/vulgar/wasted mind of yours

Anonymous asked: Favourite kind of pizza?

Pretty much just pizza in it’s entirety


Anonymous asked: you are such a drama queen and seek attention for things that probably never happened to you because you have nothing better to do with your life than whinge and over dramatise stories. you poor yourself over some guy who is older than you and actually busy with things to do probably cause you think you're mature or some bullshit like that. i hope you grow up sometime soon and stop feeling sorry for yourself.

If you knew me you’d know I’m one of the shyest people ever

This is hilarious though. I’d love to know how you came to these false assumptions/accusations. Please elaborate

I don’t feel sorry for myself at all

Such a drama queen that people think I’m lovely and I’m shy and avoid attention, hmm, very attention seeking, don’t see how that one works

It’s difficult to whinge when I’m a quiet person, really makes sense 

"Over dramatise" stories, tell me one. Oh wait you don’t know me at all and wouldn’t know anything because you think that your "reality" is the only one which exists because you lead a mediocre life that few are interested in and think other human beings are attention seeking when really they’re telling the truth and actually have something to talk about, instead of having to make up lies and fantasies like you do.

I don’t tell stories, I tell the truth.

You’re condescending yourself and being a hypocrite. Your message is also tainted with jealousy/envy

Please proof read any further messages you send. You made some mistakes.

"you have nothing better to do with your life" Coming from the person who went out of their way to send this message on anonymous. Intelligent.

Excuse me whilst I continue to pour (or as you put it “poor”. illiterate fuck.) myself over some guy, who yes is busy, because we’re adults and grew up a long time ago. Yeah we’re mature. Sorry your immature self can’t understand or adjust to adulthood/being a decent person

Hilarious and pathetic

Learn to keep your mouth shut, accept/live in reality

And maybe while you’re at it, go take a look in the mirror and stop loathing what/who you are not. 

Anonymous asked: What's ur favourite kind of food

That is a decision I cannot make

I love all different kinds of food


Anonymous asked: What happened. How many times. Things like that.

I guess…

It happened a couple of times

The first time was when I was sixteen, at a friends birthday gathering. I was sober, my boyfriend at the time was not. It was in the boot/back of his old-school volvo wagon, the doors were locked, the boot was too heavy to lift open from the inside. It didn’t matter how many times I said no or pushed them away. It was about six or so houses away, on the same street where I lived. He was aggressive/pissed off about it once I had managed to get out of the car and away from him.

That wasn’t the last time he did so. It was always when he was under the influence of alcohol. Every time he had “no memory” of it occurring, all the times I tried to leave, I was hoaxed into staying with them.

That’s all I’m going to say.

If this helps you or someone, farenough, just don’t stay quiet about what someone does to you. And certainly don’t stay with them.