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jonmclovin asked: Ugh love I'm jealous of your boyfriend cuz he gets to cuddle and kiss your cutie face ;-;

Aww kitten, don’t be jealous 🙈


Anonymous asked: do you have a short term plan? maybe for the rest of the month/year

I honestly don’t know

There are things that need doing and there are things that I should contemplate for the long run.


What’s the point of planning when you have no idea which way you are facing…

Anonymous asked: What yo up to tonite bby gurl?

Considering I was in my onesie before 6pm, most likely watching television shows/movies with my dogs

And I am extremely content with doing so

Anonymous asked: Going out tonite bby?

No, it’s too cold for that shit


Anonymous asked: Bite me

I’ll pass thanks

Anonymous asked: you're so stupid

Says the person hiding behind anonymous

ddeadweight asked: Aw you're super pretty x

Thank you lovely 

Anonymous asked: because I think you would be feeling a bit better about the situation, as if that dude got arrested or charged with anything

Who said I wasn’t feeling better about the situation. If I was still dwelling on it why would I have been with other people already, why would I currently be in a relationship. I moved on long ago, that doesn’t mean I won’t take to it lightly when someone brings that person up as a joke with the intentions of being abusive.

Ever heard of the words ‘confidential’ and ‘private’

What occurred and what action was taken is none of your business and will certainly not be posted online.

Anonymous asked: Well the police obviously didn't do anything

And you came to this conclusion how?

ssleepwriting asked: Send your anon my way, I'll gladly teach him a lesson on how to correctly speak to a girl. #thomas

Oh kitten

You’re still as courteous as ever 

I’m afraid that they most likely wouldn’t even understand, let alone even gain anything from any lesson. #fullofarrogance

Thank you though 

Anonymous asked: who the hell is sending you those dumb asks? haha!

Someone who clearly has nothing better to do with their time…

Anonymous asked: if you were sexually assaulted why didn't you go to the police?

I did

crustpup said: this is literally the whitest anon I’ve ever seen I hope they find jesus

Haha. Considering they are a white girl in their twenties, they do need some help, maybe an intervention and a re-evaluation on what they’re doing with their life as well

Anonymous asked: Show us ur booty

Yeah no, not going to happen

Anonymous asked: yo yo yo is yo man tyrone! Been a while, how u bin gurl??? Looks like u got a new manz waaaaaaaaaat?? gurl u no im here 4 u n all dat leave hm and msg me. 1800 hawt #thomas

Ah yes “Tyrone”

It’s been so long that I didn’t even miss you the slightest amount.

Nice to see you still haven’t grown up, just as immature and naive as before

And still sulking around sticking your nose in places it doesn’t belong.

Sorry who is Thomas?

Oh that’s right, a sexual assaulter.

How hilarious, pathetic and utterly boring.

I bid you adieu